My Avatar And The FARMVILLE Sign.

My Avatar And The FARMVILLE Sign.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

*Christmas Time Is Here*

It's Christmas time in Farm Ville. My little Avatar Farm Girl is wearing a new Reindeer Costume with a cute red nose. She has a new Christmas Cottage, and a Candy Cane fence keeps the dogs Sadie and Toto at home. Penguins are visiting the square, and parties are being planned. Have a great Holiday Season everyone, from those of us on the farm.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Shamrock Cottage, White Lilacs And White Rabbits. 8-20-2010

There's a Pig Party happening in the front corner of the villiage, with plenty of Party Pigs, Pink Pigs, Black Pigs and Spotted Pigs.

I just bought these two Miniature Horses. Aren't they cute?

Some White Tailed Deer Have Come To Visit.

A newly planted crop of Raspberries, still green.

My Barn and Windmill, and a fully ripe Raspberry crop ready to harvest.

I have 3 Dairy Barns and 2 Nusery Barns for my cows. See how many different colors of cows I have.

The Chocolate cows give Chocolate Milk, the Pink cows give Strawberry milk. There are brown and white cows, Holstein cows, and Groovy cows with rainbow sweaters. There's also a white cow, a Neopolitan cow and a longhorn steer. I also have a lot of calves of different colors, including green alien calves. When the cows are milked each day, I earn gold coins. The cows can be put in the Dairy barn where they sometimes produce calves. The calves can be put in the Nursery barn where they can grow into full sized cows. Extra calves can be shared with friends to increase the size of their dairy farm.